• Disinfection, biofilm control in irrigation systems
  • Agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, fruit, vegetables
  • Spray against mildew from plants, leaves, fruits, grapes
  • fungicide and algaecide


Additional Information

Chlorine dioxide acts as a soil disinfectant and irrigation system biofilm remover in agriculture and viticulture. It is also very suitable for horticulture.
Biofilm removal is reducing the mainenance costs for irrigation systems.

Chlorine dioxide is also extremely effective as a fungicide, if it is used in the form of spray in order to remove mold from plants, leaves, fruits and grapes.

Chlorine dioxide is also the most effective disinfectant and preservative for the final products (eg. fruits, vegetables)!

Chlorine dioxide further contributes to the reduction of microbial populations in non-potable water in the use for plants. Thus, the freshness and shelf life is extended, which is a great advantage especially for cut flowers.


Applications, dosages, exposure times

ApplicationDosageExposure time
Irrigation0.2 ppmcontinuous
Mushrooms / rust / mud20 ppm5 minutes at hard non-porous surfaces
Mushrooms / rust / leaf spot5 ppm1 hour