• Disinfection of cooling water, process water and waste water
  • Odor control
  • Disinfection
  • cleaning property (piping systems, removal of oil and solvent)
  • Biofilm removal and control
  • Corrosion control

Product Information

TwinOxide is a versatile disinfectant without health and environmentally harmful side effects. It is applicable in industries, in the water sector, in the manufacture and processing of foods including drinking water up to the application areas of the end user at the domestic level.

The danger in water systems is the growth of Legionella bacteria in drinking, cooling and domestic hot water systems where it replicates much faster in warm water at 30 - 40°C. And if this bacteria is inhaled over sprayed water showers can cause serious lung infections resulting to death.

On the inner walls of water pipes and tanks a biofilm is developing, which serves as a breeding ground not only for Legionella, but also for many other harmful microorganisms. These are degradable with TwinOxide and prevented not to develop again, rendering system clean. In addition, TwinOxide solution will mix with organic materials such as oil and solvent making it exhibit its unique oxidative, biocidal and cleaning properties over wide range of applications with an advantage of being non corrosive.

Further more TwinOxide is used for deodorizing malodorous waste and sewage without forming any chlorinated by products. 

It is very economical


Further information for special industrial applications


Applications, dosages, exposure times

ApplicationDosageExposure time
Facilities1 - 10 ppmafter reading
Drinking water0,1 - 0,2 ppmcontinuous
Hot water0,1 - 0,2 ppmcontinuous
Cleaning, disinfection of food contact surfaces0.2 to 5.0 ppm2 minutes
Non-food surfaces2.0 to 20 ppmFacing away from 5 minutes, depending on the degree of disinfection and exposure time at food surfaces
Plants, pipeline systems50-100 ppmfor douching and biofilm removal according to the instructions