Textile industry

Tinted textiles
  • Bleaching
  • Disinfection of the water cycle
  • Disinfection, cleaning of equipment and premises
  • Disinfection of wastewater


Additional Information

The textile industry is very water intensive. Water is needed for cleaning of the raw material and for many rinsing steps during production. Chlorine dioxide is also used as a bleaching agent. Also for the waste water treatment chlorine dioxide can be used.

Chlorine dioxide is environmentally friendly and a technology that protects against contamination, because it protects the environment and human health from bacteria and by-products which would have been formed by other disinfection methods. Thus for example the use of ClO2 in the pulp and paper industry has eliminated the hole dioxin effluent in the mill and thus contributed to a significant improvement of the water ecosystem.

Dose and exposure times are application-specific and will be announced on request.


Applications, dosages, exposure times

ApplicationDosageExposure time
Facilities1 - 10 ppmapplication-specific