TwinOxide Products

TwinOxide® is a unique and advanced delivery system for chlorine dioxide.
We provide it in two variations:

TwinOxide Standard

TwinOxide StandardTwinOxide Standard is delivered as set of two components in powder form. Once added to a specific volume of water, TwinOxide® reacts to a 99.9x% pure chlorine dioxide solution with a kinetic halftime as a biocide of at least 30 days.
TwinOxide has a storage life of 5 years. This makes it also an ideal backup solution for the time a chlorine dioxide generator is serviced.

In general, 1 litre of TwinOxide® 0.3% solution, with a dosage rate between 0.05 - 2.0 ppm will produce up to 60,000 liters of potable water. As water contamination levels vary, it is easy to vary the dosage rate of TwinOxide®.
The only residual product of chlorine dioxide is a minimal amount of salt. This amout is so small it will have no effect on the taste.

TwinOxide Process Water

TwinOxide Process WaterThis patented product is based on disinfection of process water using the combination of free chlorine dioxide and stabilized chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

Like TwinOxide Standard it is deliverd as akit of two powders. It is very conveniently prepared into 1% solution and is suitable for all waste water‚ cooling water disinfection and disinfection of water bodies and pipeline systems.
Storage life time is also 5 years.

Comparison with TwinOxide® 0.3% product:

TwinOxide® Process Water product uses the combination of chlorine dioxide and tetraoxide ions to reach 3 times more disinfection capabilities. Unlike our TwinOxide® 0.3% product, component A is 10 times the weight of component B but the over weight of two components is half that of the TwinOxide® 0.3% product.

TwinOxide® Process Water is designed for cleaning of containers, pipelines and filters in water systems. It is not suitable for drinking water applications.


Dosing System

TwinOxide dosing systemDepending on your needs and which dosing system you maby already own we can provide the for you best solution.

Feel free to contact us. For questions about dosing systems please use our online questionary form.