Waste Water

Waste water treatment
  • Sewage / waste water disinfection, odor control
  • Disinfection of cooling water, water in cooling towers
  • Cleaning and disinfection of piping systems
  • Cleaning of tanks, pipes and filters


Additional Information

The aim of the waste water treatment is the decontamination of water and the restoration of the natural water quality. Waste water treatment happens in sewage treatment plants, possibly after pretreatment in a separator.

TwinOxide® 1% Process Water is designed specifically for these applications. It disinfects already about 260% better than chlorine and chlorine-related disinfectant, TwinOxide® Process Water has an increased disinfection power compared to TwinOxide Standard - and this in keeping all advantages of the 0.3% solution.

A superior disinfection performance without harmful by-products, side effects or critical hazards. The environmental impact of chlorine dioxide are completely negligible. The only waste product from TwinOxide is a tiny amount of normal salt.

Chlorine dioxide is a versatile disinfectant without health and environment damaging side effects. Ideal thus in the field of waste water disinfection, odor control, disinfection of cooling water, water in cooling towers, cleaning and disinfection of piping systems and in the cleaning of tanks, pipes and filters.

Applications, dosages, exposure times

Waste and sewage water10 to 20 ppm / liter of watercontinuous
Cooling water0.3 ppm / liter of watercontinuous
Cleaning and disinfection of piping systems10 ppm / liter of watercontinuous
Body of water1 ppm / liter of watercontinuous