Water supply

  • Disinfection of drinking water and drinking water systems
  • Disinfection of wastewater and sewage water
  • THM-control
  • Iron and manganese removal, biofilm control


Product Information

With TwinOxide, obtained a 0.3% solution that kills microorganisms that are present in the water, in addition to all kinds of bacteria (E coli, Legionella, Enterococcus supp., Fec. Colif., Fecal strep.) and viruses (eg Hepathitis), fungi, yeasts and methanogens. Especially effective in relation to other agents TwinOxide is cracking the protective layer of  biofilms in a few minutes, so that they are eliminated reliably.

TwinOxide can be a weighty component in water treatment in the public and private sectors, as you reduce the usage chlorine with all it's harmful by products or replace completely and significantly improve the disinfection value. In addition a strong improvement of taste and smell, and better protection of the environment - all linked to health benefits through the use of TwinOxide.

TwinOxide is a 0.3% solution and therefore it contains 3g/l chlorine dioxide.
Chlorine dioxide gas is at any stage of manufacturing explosive and needs special precaution and highly skilled operation personel.
TwinOxide eliminates the production in a separate building or a separate fireproof room. The two components are simply mixed with water and after a short waiting time the chlorine dioxide solution is ready to use. It is so easy even low skilled staff can do it!
While frequently used chlorine and chlorine based disinfectants by products such as carcinogenic trihalomethanes (THMs) and MX (Mutagen X) generated and thus endanger human health, this is not the case with TwinOxide. The only left over for using TwinOxide is a very tiny amount of salt.

TwinOxide is also used for deodorizing malodorous waste and sewage. For the latter, it is useful because it, unlike chlorine does not affect chlorinating and therefore dismisses any persistent organochlorine compounds in the environment as well as over a wide pH range retains its effectiveness.


Applications, dosages, exposure times

APPlicationdosageexposure time
Drinking water0,1 -0,2 ppmcontinuous
Leitungsreinigung- and disinfection10 ppm plusapplication-specific Conditioners