What is TwinOxide?

TwinOxide is a two component system.
Two powders, mixed in water, deliver a 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution.

  • TwinOxide does not generate any by-products known form other chlorine disinfection systems like chlorite, chlorate or free chlorine.
  • TwinOxide is far more advanced than chlorine dioxide generated in the classic way.
  • TwinOxide is not explosive and has a chemical halftime of 30 to 60 days (depending on the storage conditions).

Like ozone, chlorine dioxide is soluble as a true gas. The ClO2 molecule remains a true gas in solution making. It is more energetic and able to reach all points in a system.
Because it is a true gas and soluble in virtually anything, it can penetrate the biofilm, a bacterial slime layer.
Finally, chlorine dioxide breaks down to sodium chloride (salt). This along together with the failure to form toxic and carcinogenic chlorination by-products makes chlorine dioxide the most eco-firendly biocide that can be used.

Compare it.

The following presentations are going more into detail:

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