Environment, EHS and Economic Benefits

Benefits for environment and health are:

  • Low residual disinfection by-products
  • Lower sewage load
  • Decreased accumulated organic halogen compounds
  • High operational safety
  • No adverse teste and odour effects in disinfected water
  • Use of TwinOxide reduces the usage of chlorine and contributes to a better environment and general welfare of consumers

Disinfection does not need to “Cost the Earth”

Economic benefits are also important:

  • Less chemical required to achieve optimal disinfection
  • Good material compatibility of precursors
  • Less maintenance and repair time and costs
  • No capital investment cost for generators or reactors
  • No construction modifications or certification required
  • No additional fire proof facilities required
  • No change or redesign of plant facilities required
  • No specialist staff requied
  • Numerous infirect cost savings
  • At least three years shelf life

“The value of health and safety cannot be expressed in monetary terms”